Joining a climbing club!

As a young boy the idea of joining a club was met with youthful enthusiasm. By the age of 12 I had joined quite a few “clubs”, the cubs, a rambling club, a judo club and I had even set up an air rifle club. However by the age of 14, all that was a distant memory as teenager apathy had set in with a vengeance. School had no doubt helped to tarnish my view of clubs, where joining a club just seemed to be a way of unintentionally extending your school day.

 Having got into climbing over the last few years the idea of joining a club had come up once again. My brother, also a climber had been telling me I should hook up with the Bury Mountaineering club aka the MOB!

 For a couple of years my bro had been telling me to get in touch with them but I had never got off my arse to make the call. As well as my natural suspicion of clubs and my inability to commit (being such a free spirit of course), there was also a bit of a confidence issue. I thought if I’m joining a club I don’t want to be the muppet who needs his hand holding!  At first my thoughts were, “ooh sounds a bit organised for me” and “I just want to climb, I don’t know if I can be bothered joining a club.”

 A couple of years on and after plenty of encouragement from my brother and Derek (one of the founding members) I finally decided to give club membership another go. To be honest I wish I had done it sooner now. My previous misconceptions of a club were unfounded! This was just a good bunch of people who love climbing and are up for the “crack”!

 If you are reading this and like me you were unsure whether a climbing club is for you think again. It gives you the opportunity to meet more climbers which means more potential partners. It also helps to keep you moving forward as there will be better climbers around you with the experience to help you to progress! Go on give it a whirl, I dare you!

If you are round the Manchester or Bury area and want to get out more get in touch through the web site and get involved!


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