The joys of slacklining

Henry showing beautiful poise and grace!

Slacklining, an activity requiring a mixture of balance, technique and core strength. All of which I thought I had (apart from technique), but alas I was wrong. Any balance and strength I have gained from climbing were no match for the slackline.

My slacklining story starts in the idyllic sport climbing area of El Chorro. Ian W and I were on our annual sport climbing trip. We were staying at the Olive Branch for the 3rd year on the trot. If you ever get out to El Chorro, my vote goes with the Olive Branch and Gary and Mel Byrne. Anyway, I digress back to Slacklining.

That was my first taste, where I first tried and failed. Got up, tried again, and failed again. Annoying yes, but strangely addictive. Ever since, I have been meaning to get a slackline, and a month or so ago I finally got myself one.

I haven’t been out on it as many times as I would have liked but last night was the 3rd time Hen and I have set it up. There’s no way of getting round it, slacklining is hard. Setting it up was hard enough, ratchets are apparently not my strong point!

Since I was a boy I had always thought I had good balance, but I had never tried balancing on something that moves like a slackline.

The first time I put my leg on it I was amazed by the effect it has on your leg. In an instant your leg is  transformed into a disco diva, flailing around with no regard for proper perambulation procedures. Every step forward feels like a gamble as the slackline wangs from side to side. How people bound about, bouncing and doing flips I have no idea. When I do my first flip I shall let you all know, but I reckon I am a long way off that yet!

Any tips from the slacklining community? Any inspirational videos I should have a look at?

Please comment below and let me know!

Cheers for reading Leo


2 responses to “The joys of slacklining

  1. Why is the slackline resting on the grass.Surely ,you could have taken advantage of this ?

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