New faces and fond places

Derek Kenyon on Cracked Actor - E2 5b

Derek Kenyon on Cracked Actor – E2 5b

As regular as clockwork the MOB were out again last Sunday. As my previous post mentioned, rain had been a prominent feature over the last few weeks. Fortunately, when it comes to rain and crag choice, Derek is the man and reliably confirmed that Trowbarrow quarry would be dry. As a boy I remember milling around Trowbarrow with my parents on various walks around the area so I was intrigued to go back.

On this occasion there were only 3 of us out, Derek Kenyon, Mark Russell and me. Climbing in a 3 is generally a bit of a ball ache and involves a fair bit of standing about and with that in mind I had decided to concentrate on some photos for my blog.

We arrived at Trowbarrow Quarry fairly early and spotted one guy having a little boulder. Other than that we had the place to ourselves. The guy in question then bobbed over and out of the blue asked, “are you from the Bury Mountaineering Club?” A little surprised and curious we said yes and waited for an explanation.

It turns out that Ian (the stranger in question) had met my brother a few years back in Anglezarke quarry and told him that he should get involved with the club. Up to now Ian hadn’t managed to get down to a meet and on the off chance  checked out the website, saw that we were at Trowbarrow  and came down. That is the sort of attitude that I love and he was more than welcome.

Ian had climbed a bit in the marines and had bouldered here and there but hadn’t done too much. With this in mind I took him under my wing and throughout the day took him on some nice routes. He also got in his first ever lead, and then followed it up with another. Well done Ian and hopefully we will see you again soon!

On the day some top routes were climbed. Mark and I both led, Coral Sea – VS 4c, Jean Jeanie – VS 4c and Assagai – HVS 5a. More importantly Derek looks to be returning to form and led the classic, Cracked Actor – E2 5b! Hopefully his new found form and coaching can drag us up to his level soon, only time will tell!

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