Plain stupid or the spirit of adventure?



Recently a group of stag do revellers ventured up Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon in pyjamas and trainers. They managed it; got off the mountain alive and no doubt have a fantastic story to tell.

To be honest, they didn’t pick the best day for it and got caught in a horrendous thunder storm. Lashed by rain and winds, they struggled and fought against the elements, and triumphantly got up and down without killing themselves.

So the question is, were they plain stupid or were they embodying the spirit of adventure?

In the words of the Llanberis mountain rescue team, “Had something happened, a very trivial thing like a twisted knee or a broken ankle, conditions on the mountain meant that they would’ve been seriously cold, miserable, wet and unfortunately drawing, probably, the mountain rescue team out to help themselves as well.”

Personally, I can see both sides. In terms of best practice and safety on the mountains it was bloody stupid and could have cost the Mountain rescue team time and resources had they got into trouble. On the other hand it will have been an awesome adventure and one they won’t forget in a hurry.

I think if they had got into a mess I probably would have them called them idiots, but as they succeeded I call them legends!

So what do you reckon guys, plain stupid or an embodiment of the spirit of adventure? Please get involved in the discussion and comment below!

8 responses to “Plain stupid or the spirit of adventure?

  1. I think they were embodying the spirit so I commend them for that but it was a bit stupid and I don’t think they thought about the what ifs. I know that takes away the spontaneity of the act, but when it comes to nature it helps to take a few minutes to think about what your doing. Nature is unpredictable and I’m sure his bride wouldn’t have been to pleased, I know I wouldn’t!!!

    • I wish I had some pics. I picked up on the story from the Beeb. If anyone has any pics of the ‘stupid legends’ please send me some, it would be great to add them to the blog!

  2. Don’t you ever notice that your good stories seldom come from being lil old goody two-shoes? I say live smart, go out there and do something stupid. 🙂

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