Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

Llandudno pier and Little Orme

Llandudno pier and Little Orme

When the rain comes in and desperation hits we turn to the experience of Derek to find somewhere climbable. Yet again he didn’t let us down and we had a cracking weekend.

The weekend in question was a bit of a special one. Derek’s friend and early MOB member Alan was over from Boulder, Colorado. Hard routes, a lot of banter and good eating ensued.

The destination for our first day was Pen Trywn, Llandudno.

Pen Trwyn

Pen Trwyn

When D called me to organise the trip he intimated that it was going to be a ‘keen’ weekend. Predominantly all the trad routes were E1 and above and there was some tough sport climbing as well. Mark and I would have to get our arses in gear.

The first day was momentous for Mark, bagging his first E1. It was a lovely limestone route, technical and fingery with decent gear. Unsurprisingly he cruised up it with style and looked in complete control all the way. We followed that up with some nice sport routes on the lower tier.

Derek, Lower Tier - Pen Trywn

Derek, Lower Tier – Pen Trywn

The afternoon saw trials and tribulations on my part. I decided to get on my first E2 and a mixture of fear and tiredness forced me to bail to a rather handy ledge. To be honest I think I let the grade get to me, gripped a little too hard and got too pumped. Fortunately Mark finished off the route so we could retrieve the gear. He was seriously on form this weekend, first E1 and E2 in a day!

The plan for the second day was to climb at Tremadog so we retreated to Eric’s bunkhousefor the night.

Derek, Alan and Mark - Eric's Bunkhouse

Derek, Alan and Mark – Eric’s Bunkhouse

Alan had fond memories of climbing at Tremadog and it would serve as a nice trip down memory lane. Unfortunately when we woke on the Sunday we realised that the weather wasn’t going to play ball.

In the morning we sat nursing cups of tea, brimming with optimism as we waited for the crags to dry off. Alas, it wasn’t to be but our trip hadn’t been in vain. Alan and D had struck up a conversation with the proprietor and legend Eric Jones.

It was great to sit back and listen to Derek, Alan and Eric talk about old times, adventure, and near death experiences. As Eric talks you can see the passion he still has for life and at 75 he still has plenty of adventure left.

After an inspiring chat with Eric we had to make trails and we ventured back over to Llandudno. Derek and Alan bagged some classic trad routes on the upper tier and Mark and I spent the day playing about on some sport routes on the lower tier.

To wrap up the weekend Alan treated us all to dinner at the Great Kathmandu restaurant in Didsbury, Manchester. After a hard weekend, it was the ultimate ending, a nice cold cider and a spicy curry!


4 responses to “Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

  1. Nice one Leo know doubt we will be making another visit to this good marginal weather venue. Mine you we are all going to have to up our game again as we’ve poslised off most of the easier routes ! I know Alan had a great weekend, and he’s already talking about next years visit. What will the rest of the year bring (-: Keep it up D

  2. Great fun guys, I am already studying the guide books for next year, Llandudno, Tremadog and the Cromlech. Got a big tick list better get some training in:)
    Thanks for a great weekend, Leo pass me a brioche!

    • Hey Alan, good to hear you are coming back next year. It was great to get out with you and I will definitely be up for more of the same on your return. I bet you have newer guide books than D! Glad to hear you enjoyed it dude, and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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