I want one!


I’ve just stumbled across this new little gadget, the Biolite camp stove and at first glance it looks like a pretty cool idea. A stove that burns any bio mass you might have lying around. Sticks, pine cones, pellets and anything else that burns can be used to both cook your dinner, and charge up any of your gadgets. The stove uses the heat created by the fire and turns it into electricity.

Having a smart phone that constantly runs out I think this could be a cool little thing to take away on a camping trip. Obviously it’s not for your hardcore camper or mountaineer but as a nifty gadget for camping trips it seems like a cool idea.

They have also developed a home stove for use in third world/developing countries. To me this seems like a fantastic idea. The home stove reduces the amount of smoke by 95% and reduces the amount of wood consumed, combining both health and environmental benefits. Like the camping stove it also allows provides a source of electricity, which in developing countries will no doubt be really useful.

An open letter to Biolite

To the lovely people at Biolite,

I would love the opportunity to test out your nifty looking Biolite camp stove. I will happily test it out in a variety of settings, take professional pictures, offer a review and generally promote the hell out of it. Please get in touch with me via my blog to arrange delivery.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, warm regards



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