Deeply vale, an accidental E2, and the clean crag crew!

Deeply Vale

Deeply Vale

Last Friday Derek, Pat, Cat and I had a nice after work session over at Deeply Vale. If you haven’t visited Deeply Vale before it is an unassuming crag, but it has great character.

In recent years the crag had fallen into a state of disarray. Overgrown and green it saw few visits, but now it has been given a new lease of life.

The guys from the MOB and an unknown group have given it a clean and done some serious sprucing. Deeply is now in the best condition it has been in for years, and it is starting to see more traffic, which should help to keep it clean.

Derek was our ‘tour guide’ for the day and he showed us some of the gems that Deeply has to offer. We started off with some lovely VS’s, Slab dab & Renegades corner. Pat climbed Ha’penny Arete, E1 5a, a bold arête, but that didn’t seem to faze him, as he flew up it in seconds.  Pat also climbed Mein Kampf, E3 5c, a route with a hard roof section and some really thin moves towards the top. After getting a bit of a sweat on and working out the moves, he topped out triumphantly.

Before getting to the crag, I had been a little naughty and went out for a couple of pints with my boss. I am pretty sure that this slight state of inebriation led to my accidental climbing of Inflexion, E2 5c. To be honest I thought I was on a completely different route, also probably due to my inebriated state. Half way up the route I was a little confused as to where to go and called Derek over for advice. He replied with “that’s the E2, you can get some gear in below you.” Unfortunately as I am fairly tall, the gear was so far below me, fiddling the gear in proved too difficult. I opted for some gear a little higher up and then got myself ready to move through the crux moves. As I topped out, I was still questioning whether this route was E2, but the guide says it is so I am having it as my first E2.

Unfortunately no pic of me on Inflexion but here's one of Derek.

Unfortunately no pic of me on Inflexion but here’s one of Derek.

We left the quarry just as the sun was setting over the valley, and I bounced along, happy that I had climbed my first E2. Hopefully many more to come and it’s a good sign for the big Lundy trip!

2 responses to “Deeply vale, an accidental E2, and the clean crag crew!

  1. It turned out a really good night, even I did something new when I seconded Pat on the top section of Mein Kampf both Pat and I thought the the route warranted E3 6a. Leo you did well on Inflexion, your first E2. Bank it and build on it.
    Keep it up D

    • Cheers D, a good night was had by all. You’ve done a great job cleaning the crag! Need to push through on some more E1’s and 2’s and anything else that’s fun! Lundy here we come!

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