A day on Dow crag (nearly)

I may have slightly deceived you with the title of my post there! We did intend to get out on Dow Crag in the lakes. Unfortunately as is often the case with high mountain crags, the weather conspired against us.

Ian picked me up in Fallowfield at 6:50am and we headed over to a spot just off the motorway to meet up with Colin and Andy. We made good time and we were at the parking spot for Dow crag by 9am.

As we waited around for Jordan and Will to arrive, we assessed the weather situation. The forecast said that the sun would arrive in the afternoon, unfortunately Dow is north facing and it was currently basking in low cloud. When Will and Jordan arrived we took a bit of a vote and decided to head over to Raven Crag, as it is generally south facing and wouldn’t be languishing in low cloud!

Arriving at Raven Crag was like being in a whole other country. It was basking in the sunlight and the steep trog up the hill to the crag was a sweaty one!

First up in 2 pairs, Ian and Colin, and Andy and I headed up the classic, The Original route, S 4a. It was a nice little outing, nothing too strenuous and a nice warm up route.  It crossed some stunning ground and the views were fantastic. On the 3rd belay I was so comfy, I laid upright against the rock soaking up the sun.

For the second route of the day, Andy and I headed up a rather confusing line called Centipede, another route graded at severe. Apparently we went a little off course so we named our little eliminate Millipede. It wasn’t really worth writing home about to be honest though. The descent was more exciting than the climb. My ass twitched a little as we gingerly made our way down steep ground towards the proper descent. We had probably made things harder for ourselves by being in the wrong place, but hey, it was fun!

The final route of the day was by far the best. Revelation, graded at hard severe, was a great route. It had 2 very different pitches. The first section was a fairly technical following two crack lines, which also included a little traverse into and out of a scoop. Then the second pitch took us through some steep ground on good holds. For a hard severe there was plenty of exposure and it weaved up and over various little overhangs! Cracking fun and I was most fortunate to get to lead both pitches, cheers Andy!


Cracking route for a hard severe – Revelation, Raven Crag

One day soon, Dow crag and I will get to have a tussle. It’s been a long time coming! For now I have bigger fish to fry. Lundy, were coming! Only 9 days to go till we set sail, for the majestic lump of granite nestled in the Bristol Channel!


2 responses to “A day on Dow crag (nearly)

  1. Leo good article as usual. Re – Lundy their are a lot of boys going that will return MEN. Don’t forget the 15meter tide, that will keep you on your toes (-:D

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