Getting to Lundy Island

Getting to Lundy Island is an epic in itself. For us the starting point was a 9 hour drive from Manchester to Ilfracombe!

On a good day this journey can be done in 5 hours, but car crashes and rubber necking meant that it took a wee while longer!

Manchester to Ilfracombe

Manchester to Ilfracombe

As the ferry to Lundy Island sets off at around 10am, we decided to drive up on the night before. We rested up at Mullacott Farm, so we would be fresh for a day’s climbing when we got there!

That morning a few us all decided to go for a big fried breakfast at a local café near the port. With the benefit of hindsight for me this was a bit of a mistake. The breakfast was lovely; having it slosh around on the ferry was not so lovely!

The ferry is called the MS Oldenburg. After a little research I have found out that the ship was first launched in 1958, and it still retains that oldy worldy feel! Below decks she retains her original panelling and brass fittings and has a bar and buffet!

Within half an hour of being on the ferry you can see Lundy Island looming majestically in the distance. For me and Dave, we couldn’t have arrived soon enough. We were both feeling a little green around the gills!

The MS Oldenburg

The MS Oldenburg

After disembarking from the ship we made our way up the steep walk to the ‘barn,’ our home for the next week!

The MOB landing at the barn

The MOB landing at the barn

Well that’s all for now, I will try and get cracking with the posts about the climbing over the next week or so! Much to tell and so little time!


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