I am a cynic! Always have been always will be! If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Normally I would never bother entering a competition on Facebook, but on this one occasion I relented. I don’t know why! Usually I see competitions on Facebook as at best a fix and at worst a bog rotting pile of excrement! I was wrong, oh so wrong!

Last week, to my surprise I actually won a prize by liking a competition on Facebook!  On a whim after seeing a link that was shared by Andy Kirkpatrick, I entered a competition with the Cragstation and won a pair of 5:10’s.

When I saw my name on the Cragstation’s Facebook saying that I had won, I nearly fell off my chair! It’s safe to say that I was pretty surprised!

I think a lot of us are cynical when it comes to Facebook competitions. There are so many scams going around it’s hard to know what’s real. My mate posted this after getting sick of seeing a million and one fake competitions on Facebook!

When I called the shop I had to choose between four pairs of climbing shoes and a pair of Camp Four approach shoes. Seeing as I already have 2 pairs of climbing shoes, I decided to go for the Camp Four approach shoes!

I was happily informed that they would courier my shoes, and that I would get them the next day! For some reason I was half expecting it to take a few days (cynic)!

If you’re a climber around the Oldham area, pop into the shop and have a nosey! They seem like cool guys! I like their tag line, “a proper gear shop”; it certainly seems like a proper climbers shop run by actual climbers, which is nice to see! 

Now that I have worn the Camp Fours for a few days, I think I have been converted. For the last few years I have worn crappy Karrimor approach shoes bought from TK Maxx for £20. Their cheapness was their only virtue, amongst a swath of inadequacies. I think I shall learn from past mistakes and stick to decent approach shoes in the future! Cheers to the Crag Station for running this comp, I shall definitely pop in next time I am in the area!

The Cragstation

The Cragstation

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